An African journey

The itinerary is still being planned but here is a quick overview. We are planning to cover a maximum of 300 km per day. Since the road conditions can be extremely difficult in certain places, it is quite a long distance to cover each day, and every day will present new challenges.

Broadly speaking, once we arrive in Africa, the activities will be divided into three groups.

The first group will be comprised of those travelling on foot with backpacks. They will be free to make their own choices. And there are many possibilities, depending on personal preferences. The list is long. One can spend time on white sandy beaches, visit numerous national parks, and become familiar with the local culture. Each country’s unique attractions will be highlighted in the section Route. Travelling via local transportation can also provide its fair share of adventure and experiences.

The second group will be comprised of the so-called ‘automotive tourists.’ They too will be free to plan their movements. However, we will provide a recommended itinerary that will include interesting sites that are accessible by passenger car. However, there is no obligation to stick to the prepared plan. You can schedule your time as you see fit, just as long as you arrive back to board the ship on time.

The third group, the so-called racing category, will be comprised of travellers with off-roaders, enduro bikes, ATV-s or dune buggies, who want to add a competitive edge to their trip. They will be travelling along the lesser-travelled roads and will need to have prior experience in off-roading and orienteering. Although this cannot really be called a rally, in some cases, speed will still be important. However, it will be more of an exercise in orienteering and demonstrating one’s ingenuity in completing certain tasks. You will definitely need to do some photography as well. The “pacenotes” will not be too complicated, because the goal is to have a fun and memorable holiday, and not to compete in an all-out race to the finish. However, each team’s results will be strictly recorded in order to determine who will be awarded the title of the best Africa racer! The participants will receive exact instructions on the morning of the competition. However, we will be able to tell you more about the exact schedule a little later.

When backpackers can choose what to carry in their bags themselves, we will compile a list of things that those travelling by car must carry in order to qualify for the trip.